Excite Audio Motion Harmonic Free Download

Excite Audio Motion Harmonic Free Download opens up new frontiers in distortion, filtering and bit crushing, placing you at the center of a dynamic and responsive sound-shaping experience.

Excite Audio Motion Harmonic Free Download

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What can Motion: Harmonic do?

  • Transform loops into evolving phrases.
  • Design expressive filter sweeps for tension.
  • Distort drum hits with unique character.
  • Enhance harmonics of 808’s, kicks, and basses.
  • Create morphing textures and atmospheres.
  • Energize guitar and synth melodies.
  • Add movement and rhythm to pads.
  • Experiment with sound design using your mouse.
  • Visualize audio with the 3D reactive object.

Transforming your audio signal is now an animated, visually-led and creative experience with the innovative and reactive Hexagon controller.

From subtle warming and shaping to intense modulated signal destruction, Motion: Harmonic puts everything you need at your fingertips. Comprehensive parameters for distortion, bitcrushing and filtering take these effects into new creative territory, with tools like the multipeak filter and dynamic distortion giving you new ways to play with sound.

Excite Audio Motion Harmonic Free Download

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