Udemy – FL Studio Mobile – Learn Music Production in Android/iOS

in Udemy – FL Studio Mobile – Learn Music Production in Android/iOS you will learn how you can create complete tracks in your Android mobile/iPhone/iPad.

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Udemy - FL Studio Mobile - Learn Music Production in Android/iOS

We’re going to cover everything from how you download and install FL Studio Mobile, detailed Music Theory with Staff Notation, as well as going in-depth about beatmaking, arranging, connecting MIDI keyboards, using Microphones, Audio recording, editing, Mixing and Mastering – all in one mobile app. This course is perfect for beginners!

We will create beats of different popular bollywood songs and genres, will record our own song and mix master it completely inside this amazing mobile app.

You will learn a well structured, step by step process to create songs from any idea, then arrange it, then mix and master it.

Unlike other Music Production courses, where music theory or audio recording is not covered, this course we have discussed music theory in detail, also audio recording, how you can use microphones in your mobile or you can connect MIDI keyboards in your mobile.

About the instructor:
Roy is producing Music for 12 years and has been working as a music producer for various Telefilms, Singles, Jingles, BGM. He got a distinction in Grade 8 Music Production from Rockschool London and teaching for 6 years now and taught music production to more than 100 Students from all over the world. He is also an avid guitarist and play other instruments. His passion to teach and help others has been the key reason to coin Aurademy.

Who this course is for:
•If you are a singer, want to record your own songs/covers and make it sound professional
•If you are a musician, and want to record your instruments/solos and make complete tracks
•If You’re a Beginner and Never Used any Music Production Software before
•If You’re a Music Producer and want to have a mobile solution to complement your production work
•If You’re a Rapper and want to create your own beats and record your voice

Udemy – FL Studio Mobile – Learn Music Production in Android/iOS Free Download


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