Free / Discounted VST Plugins of August 2023

In this article we present you with 10 Free / Discounted VST Plugins of August 2023.

iZotope Nectar Elements – Free

Free / Discounted VST Plugins of August 2023
iZotope Nectar Elements

Vocal Processing

• Vocal Assistant: Get polished vocals with AI
• Easy-to-adjust sliders let you fine-tune your sound
• Intuitive Control
• Automatically set reverb, compression EQ, and more
• Automatic De-esser cleans up your sibilance

Hz Box – Free

Hz Box

Modulation / Multi-FX Plugin

• Instrument Body – Resonance Chamber
• Combo Speaker Emulation
• Chorus
• Phaser
• Reverb – simple early reflections

ViatorDSP Graphic EQ – Free

ViatorDSP Graphic EQ

Analog Emulation Graphic EQ Plugin

Polyverse Filtron – Free

Polyverse Filtron

• 12db state variable filter
• Transition smoothy between Lowpass, Bandpass, Highpass
• Self-oscillating resonance
• Fat Internal saturation
• Post overdrive with Cold and Hot modes
• Stereo Modulation via CV
• Integrates with Gatekeeper
• Optimized for audio rate modulation
• State of the art zero delay filter design
• Internally oversampled
• 100% FREE

Klevgrand DAW LP – Free

Klevgrand DAW LP

Vinyl player simulation

Sound paint Copperphone – Free

Sound paint Copperphone

Instrument library for Soundpaint Engine

Audio Plugin Uninstaller – Free

Audio Plugin Uninstaller

The easiest way to uninstall your audio plugins on Mac

VHL-3C – Free


Vintage high/low pass filter

Resident MIDI Keyboard – Free

Resident MIDI Keyboard – Free

Virtual MIDI keyboard application for Android

Native Instruments FM8 – 93% Off

Native Instruments FM8 – 93% Off

FM synth

• 960 presets
• Sharp, crystal-clear FM sounds
• Powerful FM matrix
• 32-step programmable arpeggiator
• Flexible envelopes
• Loads of patches from classic FM hardware units
• Drag and drop sound-morphing feature
• Virtual effects rack

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