Free Kontakt Libraries of 2024

1.Blueprint: Textural Violin by Fracture Sounds

Blueprint: Textural Violin by Fracture Sounds

A FREE Kontakt Player Library

• Manipulated violins transformed into ambient dream-like textures
• Articulations include col legno, tremolo, bends, and spikes
• Mod wheel controls dynamics for added realism
• Effects include delay, scatter, reverb, and atmosphere
• Scatter effect randomizes pan for an uncanny and unpredictable sound
• Complementary layer of sound for production enhancement
• Fully mapped for NKS-compatible controllers

Platforms: Kontakt Player

Get it HERE –

2. Rubber Bridge Guitar

Rubber Bridge Guitar

Guitar Kontakt Library

• Features the distinct sound of rubber bridge guitars
• Inspired by artists like Taylor Swift, Aaron Dessner, Phoebe Bridgers, and Olivia Rodrigo
• Crafted from an EKO parlour guitar with a rubber bridge modification
• Sampled every three notes across multiple octaves in three velocities (soft, medium, hard) with two round robins for realism
• Custom user interface with added effects, controls, buttons, dials, and background graphics
• Comes with a demo and walkthrough video

Platforms: Native Instruments Kontakt (Version 6.8). Works with the free Kontakt player in Demo mode (time limited use).

Get it HERE –

3. Mad Libs (Xmas version)

Mad Libs (Xmas version)

Kontakt instrument by Cinematique Instruments

• Nati: Explores unexpected sound sources from cheap equipment and unusual everyday noises.
• Eric: Experiments with the sound of rubbing glass edges through a granular delay.
• Till: Tests guitar pedals’ effects on bass sounds.
• Jumpel: Processes gamelan orchestra sounds through a Modular Rack for a Sky series track.
• Rene: Focuses on tape artifacts, generation loss, white noise, flutter, hiss, and wah effects.
• Valentin: Uses an electromagnetic field microphone to capture sounds for electro and techno music.
• Jonas: Creates sounds reflecting his character – calm and simple.

Platforms: Requires the full version of Kontakt

Get it Here –

(Scroll down the page to find the free version),

4. Soundiron Aquae Organ

Soundiron Aquae Organ

An Experimental Pipe Organ Library for Kontakt Player

• Blurring the lines between realistic and experimental sounds
• Combines the authentic and ethereal sides of Soundiron’s work
• Recorded using two epic, full-size pipe organs in Saint Paul’s Catholic Church
• Features the Alpha and Omega organ sounds, highlighting their distinct character
• Three different organ stop combinations recorded in unison
• Sound design magic transforms the organ into lovely pads, textures, ambient soundscapes, and synth-like leads
• LFO, Filter, and Arp sections for added movement and character
• Sound sets include Aquae Organ, Ambiences, Sub Synth Sustains, Sub Synth Staccatos, and Wavetables
• Four layers with dedicated sound-shaping controls for creating massive sounds

Platforms: Kontakt Player 

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5. ProjectSAM The Free Orchestra 2 Lineage Percussion Orchestral Kit

ProjectSAM The Free Orchestra 2 Lineage Percussion Orchestral Kit

This free preset packs a series of percussion hits. While this is a very small selection of the instruments and articulations found in Lineage Percussion, each key does have full sampling depth, as well as real-time microphone positioning using the center virtual stage.

Platforms: KONTAKT

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6. Native Instruments Audience Choir by JACOB COLLIER

Native Instruments Audience Choir by JACOB COLLIER

A vocal instrument for Kontakt Player

• Conduct your own choir digitally by blending vowels captured from crowds in 22 different cities on the Djesse tour.
• Includes percussion elements like stomps, claps, and snaps.
• Record custom XY pad motions and add depth with polyphonic aftertouch support.
• Seven audio demos and a video walkthrough with Jacob Collier himself.
• Great-looking user interface with extensive features.
• Craft your own arrangements note-by-note or use the chord generator for pre-recorded triads.
• Change between major and minor triads for further customization.
• Samples from 22 cities light up on the virtual keyboard to show the sample’s origin.
• Blue keys trigger samples from different cities, orange keys produce pre-recorded triads, and yellow keys trigger vocal sounds.

Platforms: Windows and Mac (Kontakt Player 7.8 or higher)

Get it Here –

7. SILVER by Audiobro

SILVER by Audiobro

A Free, Creative, Growing Collection of Sounds

• Silver Tongue – a multi-dynamic tongue drum played with hands, soft mallets, and metal mallets. It includes Round Robin, unmuted and muted, isolated tongue tines as well as controllable resonance (“Reso”).
• Bowls – multi-dynamic hand-played bowls with Round Robin, slaps, mutes, and semi-mutes.
• Pads – Guitar Suspense, Slow Guitar Suspense, Strings Harmonics, Tongue Bells, Far Bells, Analog Wide, Analog Simple, Analog Zap.
• Basses – Attack Bass, Attack Bass Monophonic, Simple Bass, Simple Bass Monophonic.
• Electronic Drum Kit – A collection of General MIDI drums with various snares, kicks, rims, claps, and all the other regulars: hats, toms, crashes, tambourine, etc.

Platforms: Kontakt Player 7 or later (NKS-compatible)

Get it Here –

8. Blueprint: Fracture Sounds Toy Piano

Fracture Sounds Toy Piano

A vintage toy piano sound library for Kontakt Player

• Close-miked stereo samples of a vintage toy piano
• Minimalist interface with intuitive controls
• Damping knob for controlling release of the sample
• Key Clicks knob to adjust volume of key noise
• Broken Tuning knob for replicating natural detuning
• Reverb parameter with customizable settings
• Atmosphere control for adding an atmospheric layer
• Settings page with Tightness, Velocity Response, and Extended Range controls
• NKS support and compatibility with Kontakt Player

Platforms: Kontakt Player (NKS compatible)

Get it Here –

9. Utopia by Native Instruments

Utopia by Native Instruments

KVR Audio and Native Instruments are teaming up once again for another giveaway. You can score a FREE copy of Native Instruments’ Utopia instrument, and by entering the giveaway, you’ll also be in the running to win one of these amazing prizes:

Sample-based instrument

• Instant euphoria with uplifting pads, hypnotic sequences, shapeshifting basses, and transcendent leads.
• Capture the timeless sounds of the global trance movement.
• Customize effects chains for every preset with reverbs, delays, and more.
• Comes with 150 authentic basses, leads, pads, and arps.
• Licenses are issued manually, so please allow for up to 48 hours after entry to receive yours.

Platforms: Free KONTAKT PLAYER or KONTAKT (version 7.6 or higher)

Get it Here –

10. Perception by Rigid Audio

Perception by Rigid Audio

A Cinematic Soundscape Machine for Kontakt

• 128 astonishing factory presets.
• 3 XY pads with fluid motion recording (even while playing).
• 128 hand-crafted motion recordings.
• 3x 64 source wav sounds.
• “Chaos effect”.
• Control over filter, LFO, drive, volume, and effects.
• Preset and sounds randomization.
• Built-in production-quality reverb.
• Flanger, phaser, and “flair” effects.

Platforms: Kontakt (Full version)

FREE for a limited time only

Get it Here –


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