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Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial With Cheat sheets Free Download


Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial
Full Mixing and Mastering Tutorial



Free Download Full Mixing and Mastering Guide With Cheatsheets.

Learn mixing and mastering from Beginner to advanced using these guides and tutorials.

Size; 285 MB

Google Drive


Tips on how long to learn how to mix and master?

  • A lot of people forget that mixing & mastering doesn’t always mean a track is going to sound good in the end. You could spend weeks on a track making it sound absolutely perfect but at the end of the day, it will only sound perfect in YOUR headphones. Someone else could have a pair of headphones that has a way different sound signature and it will sound completely different to them.

There are so many devices that people listen to music on nowadays that there’s no way to have a track sound completely good on everyone. You have to find that balance of mixing and mastering a track but not overdoing it.

  • Even though there’s a massive wealth of knowledge on youtube etc. on mixing to learn, it does ultimately all boil down to practice and using reference tracks. Do not get caught up in blindly following default settings that people tell you to use on plugins, just trust your ears and try to emulate reference track mixes. Using other people’s advice on plugin settings is very useful, but only after hours already pretty good at using them yourself.

So it all boils down to taking your time and experimenting with every music project you start and trying to learn some new stuff every time. Also, choose the best tutorials and guides along the way.


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