Gara – Synthesis Sound Kit

Gara – Synthesis Sound Kit features over 200+ sounds, all sampled from real vintage synthesizers and processed with top-notch hardware.

Gara - Synthesis Sound Kit

Step into a sonic enchantment with 150+ one shots and drum sounds with SYNTHESIS. Imbued with vintage essence and modern flair, this curated arsenal elevates your music with timeless charm and contemporary edge. Explore sonic mastery with this ultimate sound kit.


  • Over 200+ unique and experimental one shots and drum sounds

Basis of each sound are real vintage synth samples of legendary synths like the Prophet 5 & 6, DX-7, MINIMOOG, Matrix 1000, Juno 106, Jupiter 8 & many more

Each sound Processed with high-end outboard gear like guitar pedals, compressors and tape machines

Raw Synth sounds included!

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Gara – Synthesis Sound Kit Free Download


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