Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN/MAC

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN/MAC is a plugin VST made by Californian audio software company based in Los Angeles, though our employees work from Seoul, Seattle, and London.


Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN
Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN


Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN contains all the following plugins.

Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle User Reviews

I started out using it just for saturation/coloration, but then I realized the filter and compressor features allow Tupe to fulfill the role of a basic channel strip. I started using it on vocals and had amazing results.

THEN I had the idea to throw a cab sim after it and run the guitar through it. Using the filter and emphasis controls, this thing is a great guitar amp as well.

Just wanted to say thanks for making my new favorite plugin.


Vulf Comp on a track has a very distinctive color. Tupe does too, but there are an infinite number of different colors to pick from with all the different tube/tape models.

Want the sound of the 60’s/70’s, analog warmth, saturation, & tube distortion? Get Tupe.

Want crazy celery-snapped transients, kick drum pumping, larger-than-life compression? Get Vulf.
Hope that helps!

I put VULF Compressor on EVERYTHING,

  • I’d be loading the Goodhertz gem even before any EQ on the track.

  • I haven’t even plugged the mic and the track has already a Dangerous Attack preset loaded right from the FX chain preset. Like, my guitar goes through the 100% VULF before hitting the fader.

  • From the parallel drums, it spread like a virus to the other drum buses. At first, the kick and the snare and then I am loading the V C on every single one, no exceptions, no excuses. Need that color on the Hi-Hat and that tightness on the Room. Whatever I need I find it on the VULF, that’s how versatile it is.

  • There is no single master without a Hump or a Pump. Not a single string without the ADV Attack on >4.0x and all my keys got that sweet WOW higher than 10%, it’s an all-included trip from my digital shack to the vintage dreamlands of the 90s.

  • I quit using room tones in my Post mixes and I’d just plug a VULF COMPRESSOR with the NOISE enabled for my dialogue fades. The producers won’t stop looking back at the surroundings wondering where all those High Attack-Low Volume-SFX-Whoosh-transitions come from. HIT THE VULF ON EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL, QUAD OR 5.1 DOESN’T MATTER.

  • I put the >50% LOFI on every synth, who needs the high end anyway, this ain’t classical recording, we want the dirt and the stank on the comp. All the rhythm section goes through the VULF C and the whole ensemble is a rhythm section when you have enough FUNK.

  • My eggs in the morning have 75% VULF COMPRESSOR on them, my coffee has 33.3 RPM SPEED. I have my whiskey 50% Dry 50% Vulf and I take my showers on 1980’s Digital.





Goodhertz All Plugins Bundle 2023 Free Download WIN

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VST Plugins For Windows HERE.
VST Plugins For MAC HERE.


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