Groove3 ShaperBox 3 Explained

Join Groove3 instructor Larry Holcombe for a comprehensive look at ShaperBox 3 from Cableguys! Consisting of nine modules designed to handle various mixing and production duties, this is a powerful plugin with incredible depth and sonic possibilities.

Free Download Tutorial Below.

Groove3 ShaperBox 3 Explained
Groove3 ShaperBox 3 Explained

Larry will take you through each module, explaining the features and demonstrating their sound with plenty of examples in context so you can hear exactly what it’s capable of. These Shaperbox video tutorials are designed for new users of ShaperBox 3.

Larry begins by briefly describing the purpose and capabilities of ShaperBox 3 and showing how the library presets are managed so that you’ll know how to load, save, favorite, and filter presets for quick access. Then he covers the various wave presets, which contain the pre-configured LFO shapes that we’ll use in the different shaper modules. Learn how to adjust the basic LFO settings, including tempo sync and the different sync modes, as well as how to use varied LFO speeds on different bands.

Next, explore the LFO wave editor, with which you can use different tools like the pencil, line, arc, etc. to draw in custom LFO wave shapes and edit them afterwards. Then it’s on to the separate modules, beginning with VolumeShaper, where you’ll see Larry create sidechain-style pumping to create a trance gate effect. TimeShaper follows, and you’ll learn how to generate half time sections and re-sequence audio to create complex rhythmic ideas.

What You Will Learn:

– How to save, load, filter, and favorite presets for better organization and quick recall.

– How to select from the pre-configured LFO wave shapes and/or create and edit your own custom shapes.

– How to utilize the nine separate modules for various production, mixing, and sound design chores.

– How to use the Envelope Follower to modulate various parameters in ShaperBox 3 and create dynamic motion in your production.

– and much more!

Groove3 ShaperBox 3 Explained Free Download

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