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HZE – Hybrid Circuits (One Shot Kit)

HZE – Hybrid Circuits (One Shot Kit) was recorded through guitar effect pedals (microcosm, cba thermae, cba mood, cba blooper, cooper fx outward 2 and shallow water) and then processed and finished with effect plugins.

HZE – Hybrid Circuits (One Shot Kit)

The sounds were used from a prophet 5, prophet 6, moog one, udo super 6, moog grandmother, and a korg prologue.

Some sounds were also recorded with the casio sk-1 sampling keyboard.

Cpntains 240+ Sounds:

  • 22 Accents
  • 10 Bass
  • 68 FX Pedal Chops
  • 12 FX Pedal Loops
  • 8 Guitars
  • 33 Keys/bells
  • 39 Starter Chords
  • 56 Synths

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HZE – Hybrid Circuits (One Shot Kit) Download

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