Ian James – Vinyl Sim Vol 1

Ian James – Vinyl Sim Vol 1 Free Download contains Gritty, Lo-fi, dusty, warm and grimy drum sounds ready for you to use in your productions!

Ian James - Vinyl Sim Vol 1

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If you’re a fan of Hip-Hop then you’ve definitely heard the sound of the legendary Vinyl Sim compressor on the Boss SP-303.

This piece of equipment has been used by legendary producers such as Madlib, MF DOOM and most notably J Dilla. Dilla famously used only the SP-303 and a 45 record player to create 29 of the 31 tracks from Donuts while in the hospital.

Unique textures and sound effects for those little details. Classic drum loops with that vintage golden era vibe we all love so much.

Ian James – Vinyl Sim Vol 1 Free Download

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