Imagiro – Autochroma Free Download WIN/MAC

Imagiro – Autochroma Free Download is a granulizer built for fun. Granulizers can do a lot. but often, they are overwhelming, and using them is hard work. Using autochroma feels like having a day off.

Imagiro - Autochroma Free Download WIN/MAC

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Granular effects unit built for fun.


  • 3 simultaneous grain streams
  • rolling resample buffer
  • large preset library
  • 4 highly customizable modulators
  • play with live audio, or existing audio files


dont just limit yourself to traditional granular sounds – autochroma can be a drum thickener, a wow filter, a radio effect, a chorus, and even a reverb!

lifelike complexity

emotion in sound is often born from subtle intricacy – autochroma‘s three grain streams and four modulators add life and movement to your music.

combined with its large preset library, bringing sounds to life is only a click away.

capture the best moments

Autochroma stores the last 30 seconds of its output, and saving it is a click away.

this means you can focus on experimenting, without having to worry about being able to recreate the sounds you like.

Purchase The Plugin HERE –

Imagiro – Autochroma Free Download WIN/MAC

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