Jay Cactus Planet Drill Bundle

Jay Cactus Planet Drill Bundle Free Download!

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Jay Cactus Planet Drill Bundle
Jay Cactus Planet Drill Bundle



I’ve spent the past few months putting together the first “World Themed Drill Bundle”. Hiring musicians all over the world to record rare instruments and sounds for you to use and stand out with your beats!
•Grab Artists Attention: In a world filled with recycled sounds, Planet Drill gives you the most standout Drill sounds you can find online.
•Ultra-Unique Sounds: These 10 kits are unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Ranging from hard-hitting drums, ethnic loops, MIDIs, to unique instrument phrases, and more!
•Distinct Influence: With 1,035 new sounds, draw inspiration from some of the most insane instruments from all over the world.

It’s no doubt that sounds from areas of the world, like the Middle East or Asia are heavily inspiring the top drill tracks right now. I created Planet Drill to give you access to the rare instruments and insane sounds from these cultures!

“DOJO” Drums & “DERVISH” Drum Fills Brand New Drums & Fills You’ve Never Heard Anywhere Else!
Get your hands on the hardest drums I’ve ever released yet fam! Everything in this kit has been either designed from scratch myself, or played from live musicians!
•DOJO Drum Kit: Featuring over 449 unique drums, including 40+ powerful 808s and 100+ live percussive sounds, this kit is ideal for all drill styles, particularly melodic and afro-drill.
•Dervish Drum Fills: Quickly add that missing energy to your beats with 50 sought-after long/short drum fills from this kit.
•NO RECYCLED SOUNDS: Crafted from the ground up by me or created by live musicians, these are the sounds you cannot find in any other kits!

Melodies That Give You Instant Inspiration To Cook Up.
Created by combining the unique and rare instruments from around the world especially in Asia, Africa and The Middle east. These loops are perfect for making afro-drill, melodic drill, and ethnic drill.
•Dragon Dreams Loop Kit: A collection of 20 royalty-free loops inspired by instruments from all over the world, giving you unmatched vibes to any loop kit you’ve ever downloaded before!
•100% Yours: Use, modify, and sell your beats without any need for credits or splits, offering you complete freedom and peace of mind.
•Inspiration in Seconds: Just listen to some of the loops below fam, within just a few seconds these loops will give you that itch to instantly get cooking up!

One Shots That You Can Manipulate For Any Possibility
One shots have always been my favorite when cooking up in a studio session, you have a ton of ability to manipulate them but they’re quick to create with and won’t slow down your laptop like a VST.
•Ostracon One-Shot Kit: Over 255 One-Shots with a mix of synth and sampled shots as well as textures and world-style licks.
•Bridging Gaps: Created for producers with less powerful laptops who refuse to compromise on sound quality.
•Creative Freedom: Go crazy with altering these insane one shots to produce even more unique sounds!

“FORBIDDEN” ERHU Phrases Authentic Sounds Direct from a Small Traditional Chinese Studio
If you’ve sampled a lot of ethnic music, you probably don’t know this… but the mesmerizing sound that you love is the Erhu. This two-stringed Chinese instrument delivers irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind phrases that no VST can’t replicate.
•Erhu Phrase Kit: 30 unique dark phrases, crafted by a professional Erhu player from China. Perfect to use as starters, full loops, or additional layers.
•Dry and Wet Options: In this kit, you’ll find both wet and dry recordings, so you get to decide the final touch.
•Royalty-Free Freedom: Craft, modify, and sell your beats without any constraints. All sounds are 100% royalty-free, ensuring you get the credit you deserve.

“MANTRA MADNESS” Accent Kit. The “Hidden” Elements That Instantly Add Depth To Your Melodies!
Growing rapidly in popularity among the top producers, accents and textures have became their secret weapons. These small elements can instantly make your beats sound more full and bring life into your melodies.
•Over 80 Unique Accents: 80 royalty free samples you can use as starters, full melodies, or textures in your productions.
•Texture Transformation: With these accents, instantly add layers of depth and richness to make your beats stand out.
•Melody Enhancers: Used by all the top producers, these accents and textures give your melodies fullness and texture to feel complete.

“SONIC SOUL” Analog Lab Bank Brand New, Unheard Presets For My Favorite Go-To VST.
Analog Lab is one of my go-to VSTs for making melodies, but I always found that I spent too long cycling through presets until I found the right one for the genre I was making. That’s why I created Sonic Soul.
•”Sonic Soul” Analog Lab Bank: With 52 presets at your fingertips, you can find a mix of pads, keys, sub bass, bells, woodwind, and more in seconds.
•Created For Drill, From Scratch: Instead of browsing through random presets, get the perfect presets custom made for what Drill producers need!
•Disclaimer: You will need to buy the plugin “Analog Lab” to use these presets.

“GLOBAL GLITCHES” Portal Preset Bank Your Key To Quickly Creating Distinct Textures To Make Better Melodies
With these 30 handcrafted presets, you will quickly be able to create distinct textures on top of your melodies with just one single click.
•”Global Glitches” Portal Preset Bank: 30 Presets for the plugin “Portal”.
•My Secret Tool: Portal has been the secret behind take my melodies to that next level, because it provides a mix of rhythm and effects to completely transform any sound you load into the plugin.
•Disclaimer: You will need to buy the plugin “Portal” to use these presets.

“RUYI” RC-20 Preset Bank Unlock The Vintage Vibes Every Producer Is Chasing Right Now!
Producers are increasingly looking to blend their sounds with that timeless warmth and analog depth that only comes from vintage gear. With these presets for RC-20, achieving the warmth, noise, and character of vintage hardware is simpler than ever.
•”RUYI” RC-20 Preset Bank: 30 of My Most Used Presets for the plugin “RC 20”.
•Personalized Presets: These presets are my exact RC-20 settings for guitars, strings, drums, vocals, and beyond.
•Disclaimer: You will need to buy the plugin “RC-20” to use these presets.

Infinite Possibilities for Processing Any Sound In Seconds.
With these 30 presets for Thermal, you will now have endless options for processing any sound you want in just a few seconds. Easily letting you create new sounds that are not possible with any other sound design techniques!
•”Golden Glow” Thermal Preset Kit: These 30 presets, give you limitless sound processing, just load up your sounds and click through the presets to get brand new ideas.
•Unmatched Creativity: Easily create sounds beyond the reach of standard sound design methods. These presets are a go-to for me when I’m hitting beat block!
•Disclaimer: You will need to buy the plugin “Thermal” to use these presets.

Jay Cactus Planet Drill Bundle Free Download

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