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Jonnywood – Distorted Dreams Kit Vol. I

The saturated counterpart to the infrasound series is going to add instant character to anything you’re working on. While my last few kits orbited around the idea of blending organic elements with futuristic ones, distorted dreams is fully futuristic.

Jonnywood - Distorted Dreams Kit Vol. I

This kit is filled with an absurd amount of glitchy percs, crazy basses, toms, rims and snares that u haven’t heard before. And even though a lot of the sounds are more on the experimental side of things, they can function in almost any other sonic environment as well.

All in all 200 sounds 

  • 42 : snares, claps, rims
  • 23 : kicks, toms
  • 63 : percs
  • 24 : 808s, bass
  • 39 : hihats, openhats, shakers
  • 9 : effects
  • 11 : bonus sounds

Jonnywood – Distorted Dreams Kit Vol. I

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