Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download – Kaytranada Sample Pack

Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download contains samples and drum kits inspired by the Canadian record producer and DJ Kaytranada.

Direct Download Samples and Drum Kit.

Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download
Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download


Kaytranada Drum Kit 1  –  Contains Samples from 99.9%, BUBBA, and some singles.

Kaytranada Drum Kit 2 – Contains 7 Samples In the style of his music.

About Kaytranada

Louis Kevin Celestin (born August 25, 1992), known professionally as Kaytranada (stylized as KAYTRANADA, shortened as KAYTRA), is a Haitian-Canadian record producer and DJ.

 Celestin rose to prominence after releasing a series of mixtapes, remixes, and original music projects beginning in 2010 under the alias Kaytradamus.

By 2013, and under the moniker Kaytranada, he began gaining wider recognition and, the following year, signed a deal with XL Recordings, with whom he would release his critically acclaimed debut studio album 99.9% in 2016.

In 2019, he released its follow-up, Bubba, for which he won two Grammy Awards including Best Dance/Electronic Album. Celestin is one half of the hip hop duo The Celestics, along with his brother Lou Phelps.

Kaytranada Q&A

The following Q&A is taken from a portion of reddit’s Kaytranada AMA post.

Q – Hey Kaytra well done on BUBBA you never fail to amaze. How do you get so much swing and groove in your drums?

A – Do your hi hats first!

Q – what BPM do you make most of your tracks on?!

A  – 108 is the magic number!

Q – Thank you so much for taking the time to join us! Two questions for you:

  • What’s your dream collab right now?

  • You’ve done a lot of vocal-heavy collabs recently. Do you think you’ll jump in the studio with any other producers sometime? If so, who?

ps – i feel like you’d make something awesome with ZHU, Snakehips, FKJ or Tom Misch. Just sayin

A – I don’t really have dream collaboration. There’s a lot of singers & rappers i want to work with. The foundation has to be us vibing together and we’ll take it from here.

Also im not type of guy who LOVES collaborating with producers. It really depends if we’re into the same type of music or sometimes it can get confusing.

Me & Badbadnotgood did a lot and i dont see my self collaborating with anybody else when it comes to that…. for now.

Q – Top 3 biggest influences? I remember watching an interview where your dad (or you speaking on his behalf) felt distanced from your electronic side until he heard the prominent Haitian influence. I’m wondering where your roots go to formulate the sound you produce! Artists, experiences, local musicians, etc.

A – That’s what my dad thinks! but i never really was influenced by Haitian music like people say. Growing up my dad was blasting it through the speakers but it was background noise to me. It’s not the same feeling when i first listen to Tribe or Jay dee or whatever. I think the Caribbeans all have that similar drum pattern and bounce and thats why my dad thinks of that. I listened to a lot of Brazilian records and i could tell that they had similar sounds, and grooves but Hip Hop & R&B from the 90s was always my first love.

Q – Favorite VSTs/plugins for creating your sound (esp. leads)? They’re incredible!

A – FM8, DIVA, MONARK, M1 (KORG) Thats all i can think of for now.

Q – Hi. I have always wondered, how do you find samples you like? I really enjoy the unique sampling in a lot of your songs.

A – Honestly… Youtube channels ive been following since the last decade. Some of them upload library music, which i usually go for. and it could be different ones that upload african boogie joints and the list goes on and on…

Q –  How did you go about integrating the old school funky grooves but modernizing it with the house influence. Did this process come organically or did you have to chip away at it over the years?

A – From 2012, i studied alot from this Madlib mix “Medicine Show 10: Black Soul” just learning the disco/boogie songs and how he’d mix unexpectedly. It made me want to do that sound 100%. And i also find out about Larry Levan, Ron Hardy and all those cats. So thats who i was trying to be like for a minute.
Check out The full Kaytranada AMA HERE.

Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download

Kaytranada Drum Kit 1

Link – Mediafire

Size – 68.08 MB

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Kaytranada Drum Kit 2

Link – Google Drive

Kaytranada Drum Kit Free Download
Google Drive


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