Lo-Fi Drum Kit 2022 Free Download

Free Download Lo-Fi Drum Kit 2022

Download free lofi drum kit for chill lofi type beats.

Lofi Drum Kit 2022
Lofi Drum Kit 2022

Pack Contains –

  • (12) 808s,
  • (28) Bass shots,
  • (12) Claps,
  • (26) Closed Hats,
  • (10) Crashes,
  • (33) Hats,
  • (48) Kicks,
  • (46) Noises,
  • (40) Open Hats,
  • (47) Percs,
  • (19) Random Samples,
  • (10) Rides,
  • (10) Rimshots,
  • (28) Shakers,
  • (10) Snaps,
  • (54) Snares


Today’s Production Tip

Lo-fi Mixing Techniques –

lo-shelf the main sample up around the low-mids a bit, then high-pass it with a roll off around 100Hz (for technical reasons). If need be, high-shelf the main sample down a bit as well, so that you have a sloping eq curve, more lows (especially the low-mids), and fewer highs. Even low-pass it at the very top end, like at 15k or something.

As for compression, I duck the main sample triggered by the kick by quite a lot and with a slow release. Everything in the song excluding the kick is sent to a mix bus with a compressor which is then sent to the master. I also like to add a tiny bit of saturation to this compression bus, but not too much so that it sounds distorted.

Some parallel bit crushing is a good idea as well, although I have never tried it. Remember to only have one source handling the sub-bass at a time, or else you might mess up your sub-bass.

I would recommend a decent bitcrusher, and maybe something that slowly modulates pitch, to get that wow flutter effect. And possibly even some tube or tape saturation. Latelely my chain looked like this.

  • Saturation (i use radiator by soundtoys, or redoptor from d16 group)

  • Some vinyl emulation thing for wow en flutter (I manly use Vinylstrip from audiothing)

  • Bitcrusher ( I use decimort 2 by d16 group)

  • Eq and compression to taste. (sometimes in the front of the chain, sometimes at the end)

And somewhere along the line you could add some vinyl or other noises or ambiance samples.

You could use stock plugins for this if your daw has them, but for me this works faster and I get better results.

Download Lo-Fi Drum Kit 2022 below.

Size – 486MB

Media Fire
Media Fire

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