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Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish – PML Free Download

Free Download Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish – PML 

Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish
Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish

Download Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish – PML is A Tutorial on how to make Lo-Fi House music from start to finish.

The Download Link Contains 13 Video Parts.

Link – Google Drive

Size – 1GB

Password if asked – pluginclouds

Download Link Below!

Producer Tip

How to mix/master lofi house?

There are really good lofi house mixes out there and there are some techniques producers follow to bring good clarity (especially in the low end around 300Hz) in their mixes.

Think of it like this. The “lofi” part of lofi house is SOUND DESIGN, not mixing. The mixing techniques they use are no different than for any other kind of electronic music, they’re just mixing dark sounds and faded audio. When you want to learn something new, don’t go searching for “lofi house mixing”. Just go search for the subject you’re interested in. For instance, I just spent a lot of time learning how heavy metal guitars are mixed to help me mix a funky guitar part that I have for a song. Completely different genres but the principles are the same.

Don’t get wrapped up in the “lofi” part, you still need a competent mix if you want people to enjoy your music and those skills are style independent. Just go learn how to mix everything.

Extra Tips To Follow when making Lo-Fi House tracks.

Think of the hat that plays between the beat as having 3 levels. Level 1 is short decay. Level 2 is longer decay. Level 3 is the same longer decay, layered with a ride cymbal that is side-chained (side-chained ride is a standard trick for any variety of house).

Each one of those levels is an increase in energy. When you use them is critical, the energy change will be huge and move the song forward. You can have lots of subtle changes between all of those but if you work from those 3 levels, to begin with, you’ll have a tighter arrangement.

 Use your filters, changes in your hats and percussion pattern/sounds, vocal samples, piano one-shots, etc to build dynamics. This style is about subtlety. You can checkout Harrison BDP’s track Decompression. It’s a master class in subtlety for this style.

Bring that kick forward. House is about the groove. We wanna dance. Get that kick-snare hat combo right with swing as well.

Lastly, I would say that Lofi house is very sparse. Check out tracks in the 8min range and you’ll find for a good 2-3 minutes of music there is maybe 2-3 elements.

Do a bit of analysis on some of the bigger lofi house tracks and check how they arrange instruments and bring them in and out, and you’ll get there. Good luck on your music!

Download Lo-fi House Track from Start to Finish Free

Google Drive
Google Drive


Download More Tutorials for Free – HERE.


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  1. Please reupload this masterpiece! This is what I’ve been looking for for a very long time. Make my dream come true guys, plssss REUPLOAD THIS STUFF!!1


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