LR & JovemCJ’ – Pandora Melody Pack

Raise the level of your beats with the biggest Melody Pack on the scene.

Contains: samples, one-shots, MIDI’s, Accents, chords and much more.



Pandora Melody Pack is an essential melody pack for all producers who work with melody creation, whether for their beats, their samples or their productions (artistic production or selling beats)

In addition to Samples, we added One Shots to create your melodies, as well as Presets for the most famous VST’S on the market today, such as Analog Bank, Serum, Omnisphere and more…

We’ve also added Accents and Runs for creating your melodies and textures, as well as a completely exclusive MIDI package for you to insert into your DAW and start your productions faster.

The Pandora Melody Pack is here to change the way producers create their melodies!

PANDORA: Analog Lab Bank

Awaken your creativity with the Analog Lab Presets Bank, designed by JovemCJ’ and LR Beats, especially for producers of Trap, R&B and similar genres. This exceptional collection of presets, carefully tuned for Analog Lab, captures the atmospheric essence of contemporary music, delivering rich textures, catchy leads, deep basslines, and more. Enjoy sounds inspired by the hottest trends of the moment, save production time and take your tracks to a new level.


Explore an infinite sonic world with our meticulously designed Presets Bank for Omnisphere. Each preset unlocks a range of musical possibilities, from immersive textures to catchy leads, providing a unique production experience. Created by our talented sound designers, this Bank of Presets takes your compositions to new heights, allowing you to tell exciting and unforgettable musical stories.


Amplify your music production with our Bank of Presets specially created for Serum. Each preset is a gateway to a vast spectrum of sounds, from powerful bass to catchy melodies, designed to take your tracks to new heights of quality. Created by talented sound designers, this Bank of Presets unlocks your creative potential, allowing you to create unique and memorable songs that will stand out in the music industry.

Production masterclasses

You’ll get access to 2 music production masterclasses with LR Beats and JovemCJ’, introducing the Pandora Melody Pack and sharing your music production experiences with the most complete melody pack in the BR scene.

Access is instant after purchase and will be available for life so you can always access it whenever you want/need it.

LR & JovemCJ’ – Pandora Melody Pack 


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