Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download WIN

Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download is an award-winning virtual instrument that brings endless inspiration to modern electronic, hip-hop, pop, and genre-bending tracks. Create stunning new sounds and take your tracks to the next level with CUBE’s creative 3D sample-morphing engine.

Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download
Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download


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CUBE is a revolutionary sampler and vector synth plugin. Load up to 8 sounds and blend them together using CUBE’s 3D interface to create never-heard-before-evolving sounds and textures. Reverse, loop, arpeggiate and tweak sounds for infinite variations, and spice up presets with a deep FX suite, featuring gritty distortion, lush reverbs, dazzling delays, and much more.


Explore our proprietary orbit system, advanced sample editors, deep FX suite, and powerful modulation.

  • 100+ Sampled Instruments

Over 3000 samples with multiple dynamic layers

  • 500+ Presets

Expertly crafted by experienced composers and producers

  • 40+ Orbits

Creative motion presets for transforming your patches

  • 8 Samplers

Each with an arpeggiator, filters, envelopes, step sequencers, and more

  • 13 FX Modules

Filters, EQ, Distortion, Bitcrusher, Compressor, Chorus, Phase, Delay, Reverb, Limiter

  • Advanced Modulation

4 detailed LFOs, macro control, and a beautifully-designed modulation matrix

  • Custom Graphics Engine

A proprietary OpenGL graphics engine for visualizing your sound in real-time

  • Orbit Customizer

Build and save your own orbits from scratch with per-axis control

  • Randomization Algorithms

Quickly create new patches by randomizing sounds, orbits, and FX

  • Eco-Mode

A special CPU saving feature that minimizes RAM usage and CPU load

  • User Audio

Mix and match any of your favorite WAV or SFZ files with our factory sounds.

  • Expanding Content

Grow your CUBE library with new features, preset packs, and sample sets

Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download

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5 thoughts on “Lunacy Audio CUBE Free Download WIN”

    • Just figured it out, I had the same problem.

      when you install the Lunacy Audio Emulator from the R2R folder it should set the path to C:\Program Files\Team R2R\Lunacy Audio Emulator

      go there, and open the manual and it will give you the info needed

    • Ok i figured it out in the files i found it installed
      there was manual in my TEAM R2R folder that said
      Just activate with any serial numbers.

      [The valid serial format]

      You can change X to any valid characters (0-9, A-Z).”

      hope that helps you


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