Marvel Vs Capcom 2 FULL GAME SOUNDS

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 FULL GAME SOUNDS For DJ’s & Producers (Packed By Aether Music)

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 FULL GAME SOUNDS

Now you have the full advantage of using any character move instead of the over used “SonicBoom” “Perfect.” :). Get creative with Pitchshift & Filters, try out other characters like Chun-Li, Wolverine or Akuma. *Juggernaught Laugh*

Hope you enjoy, Feel free to show some support and follow as this did take quite a while to pack tidy, alot more creative sounds to play with coming soon.

Hint: You could make good use of the ‘Announcer Voice Sounds’ in Beat Battles

Hint: Photon Cannon + Sausage Fattener = ! ! !

More Sample Packs! 

Marvel Vs Capcom 2 FULL GAME SOUNDS Free Download

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Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Game Sounds


Additional Download

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CAPTAIN COMMANDO from MVC2 *MISSING CHARACTER FOLDER* In my Marvel Vs Capcom2 FullGameSounds upload i missed out captain commando, simply drag n drop this folder in the “Capcom Characters” folder

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