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Minimal Audio Current Free Download

Minimal Audio Current Free Download is a virtual instrument, effects suite, and content platform built for endless hours of inspiration.

Minimal Audio Current Free Download

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At its core, Current combines five powerful sound engines, multiple modulation options, expressive MIDI effects,
FM synthesis, innovative filtering and much more, creating a unified sound design ecosystem.

Features of Minimal Audio Current

Wave tables

With Current’s dual oscillators you get a whole range of wavetables. The possibilities are endless, from raw analog vibrations to the grace of bowed strings. Plus, with slots for wave and warp effects, audio manipulation reaches new heights.

Granular Research

A granular sampler is not just a sampler. It turns simple samples into endless soundscapes. Innovative rhythmic grain layering and multi-position playback features make granular synthesis an art form.

Changelog v1.1.3

Now you can move the Factory folder to any location convenient for you.

Added a global setting to enable OpenGL. If you are having problems with graphics, try enabling this setting.
Added a global setting to set the UI window size.

You can now drag the grain sampler waveform position indicator in Free mode. Engine filters and hybrid filter responses are now draggable.

Minimal Audio Current Free Download


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