MPC Expansion F9 Instruments Collection

MPC Expansion F9 Instruments Collection Free Download contains more than 100 instruments precisely and carefully constructed for the unique architecture of the MPC Keygroup system, some utilizing round-robin sampling and full workstation-style synthesis.

MPC Expansion F9 Instruments Collection
MPC Expansion F9 Instruments Collection Free Download


Free download More VST Presets and Soundbanks HERE.

How many times have you lost an inspirational moment waiting for a 3rd party sampler to load up? The F9 Instruments will not only cure that modern curse but enhance your creative process The patches load up QUICKLY and efficiently directly into your MPC workflow, and thanks to the remarkable native AIR FX chains that accompany each patch, sound powerful and present straight out of the box – in any genre!

Grammy-nominated producer and chief sound designer at F9 James Wiltshire explains why…

“The first time I heard the F9 patches back through my MPC-X I did a victory lap of the studio – This is THE SOUND I’ve been reaching for in a sampling platform for years – These patches cut straight through contemporary productions with ease and the process of making the audio demos proved to me that they often need hardly any additional processing ….

…We all know that nothing crunches the numbers like an MPC so now imagine that fiery audio engine that is legendary for drums punching out your bass lines, hooks and chords…

… For me, it’s been a revolutionary process and I consider this a new era for F9’s sound design journey and I cant wait to see where we go next. I’ve been using these instruments in my productions and remixes – they are FIRE! and I can’t wait to hear what the MPC community does with them“

F9 have pioneered multi-sampled instrument design over the last 5 years and now in this release, they have taken it even further with a ‘triple-cooked’ sampling process. The results speak for themselves as you can hear from the Audio demos.

  • 4GB Multi-sampled MPC Keygroup instruments
  • Fast loading patches directly inside MPC
  • Responsive – No latency issues
  • No complex GUIs to learn
  • Laser tight playback via the same engine as MPC drum programs
  • Multi Sampled and processed using the worlds best hardware
  • Stellar sound quality built for instant inspiration
  • Created by a Grammy-nominated producer for producers
  • 26 Basses, 808s and Subs
  • 17 Piano and Key instruments
  • 19 Synth & Lead sounds
  • 19 Plucked instruments
  • 8 Pad Instruments
  • 7 Brass and String patches
  • 5 Guitar instruments
  • 1 Drum instrument

Please note: All musical parts within the audio demos were created using the F9 Essential instruments

MPC Expansion F9 Instruments Collection Free Download


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