mullinmadeit – Haemic Fragments

mullinmadeit – Haemic Fragments Preorder out now!

Mullinmadeit - Haemic Fragments

mullinmadeit ___ haemic. fragments – preorder*

1 _ the newest art of convergence to fusion between organic and innovative sounds. discover a new way to the different intensities and pigmentations of vibrant, static and percussive sonics.

265 fragments* — 55 vibrant; 45 static; 80 percussive; 60 found + 25 preorder*

2 _ the concept of this kit was to curate and craft the colored symbiosis between acoustic infrasound, futuristic ultrasound and organic hypersound. In the process of creating sonics, I had a chance to visit different dimensions and fields to capture various types of painted frequencies and densities.

thanks for purchasing, enjoy!

* – only in preorder version.

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mullinmadeit – Haemic Fragments

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