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NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download WIN/MAC

NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download is the combination of the 1950s classic Baxandall-inspired circuits that empowered millions of sound systems in the World, a powerful additional mid-band, and powerful vintage preamp tones. Also combining additional modern features with the original vintage tone.

NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download
NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download


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Now in one bundle with 2 different versions for your needs, the Standard and Pro version (which combines additional modern features with the original vintage tone).


It’s based on the 50s classical circuits for adjusting the tonal balance of a track without introducing harsh or unnatural resonances. In addition to this sweet vintage tone, with a smooth additional mid-band and tube preamp, it is a very powerful tool not only for mastering but also for mixing and tracking.


The excellent enhanced version of Backs EQ. It also introduces these sweet and soft tones with more additional features such as Mid/Side Processing, Nuance Deviation System (NDS), and another special tube preamp mode (Type B). Sweeten your mix and master bus with this advanced tool.


Two versions in one bundle that you can use according to your needs. Backs EQ lets you work with less CPU usage, while Backs Pro EQ takes your mix to another level with additional modern features not even available on the original unit.


Nuance Deviation System (NDS) in NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download brings the individual tones that are slightly different from each other by the theoretical component deviations to give more depth, dimension, and variances as the real analog gear does.


Expanded with modern Mid / Side processing which allows you to process mid and side channels individually. That means much more fun and better-sounding mixes than ever before.


In both two versions, here is a vintage tube saturator (Type A) that provides an authentic, warm, fat tube sound. In the Pro version, there is another special tube saturation model (Type B) that increases the presence and loudness with some cool harmonics without killing the dynamics too much.


Taming and Shaping the sound is much easier with the additional useful smooth-sounding Mid-Band.

NoiseAsh Backs Pro Bundle Free Download

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