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Output Portal Preset – Tazed x Flipfonk – TESSERACT Free Download

Output Portal Preset “TESSERACT”  is a  Yeat Inspired Bank. Suitable for Hyperpop, Lil Uzi Vert, Ken Carson Type Beats.

Direct Download this portal bank From Google Drive.

Output Portal Preset Free Download
Output Portal Preset Free Download

Link – Google Drive

Size – 6MB

Download Link Below!

How do you use output portal?

Portal is a tricky one to really wrap your head around, especially because there aren’t any good tutorials on how to use it properly.

The best way to begin understanding it is to read the manual (which is also really limited) and only play around with the granular section of Portal (without the grain delay and the fx section active) and start to get a feeling for how and when portal reads the audio buffer.

It will always keep having a bit of a mind of its own, but that’s inherent to any granular effect, but once you understand the core of it, portal is pretty user-friendly.

You might have played with some presets to get weird glitchy/industrial noises but you might not be too sure how to “control” what’s coming out of it. So if you want some of the best tips and tutorials for PORTAL VST the best way to get them is from Youtube.

Some pointers would be to Watch some of Eliminate’s videos. While he doesn’t specifically do Portal tutorials, he does use the plugin in a lot of his tracks. Seeing someone of his level use it, and just mess with it is fairly enlightening. (Plus his videos are entertaining).

Kompany also uses Portal in some of his twitch streams. They’ve been uploaded to YouTube. Long videos, but a lot of learning. Again, it’s great to watch an international pro-tier artist use it and just mess with it.

The best way to use portal is through sound design sessions. Put it on a track, set up a record track, and mess with knobs while you record the whole time. Then listen to the recording and sample the best parts.

Download Output Portal Presets Free Downoad

Google Drive
Google Drive


Download Output Portal For Windows HERE.

Check out More VST presets and Soundbanks HERE


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