Plugin Alliance Bx_enhancer MAC Free Download

Plugin Alliance Bx_enhancer MAC Free Download includes an input tuner display, saturator, compressor, equalizer (EQ), clipper, Auto Level feature, input and output gain controls, and various meters. It has a pre-configured signal path that simplifies the mixing process, making it an ideal mixing plugin for musicians with limited mixing experience. The controls are simple and allow you to thicken, tighten, and shape the tone of recordings with minimal effort.

Plugin Alliance Bx_enhancer MAC Free Download

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The bx_enhancer’s built-in tuner display makes tuning stringed instruments, analog synths, and percussive elements straightforward. By default, 440 Hz is the tuner’s reference frequency, but you can select any value between 300-500 Hz, including popular alternative tunings like 432 Hz or 415 Hz. bx_enhancer’s tuner can help you notice pitch drift throughout a performance, making it a critical quality assurance tool.

Plugin Alliance Bx_enhancer MAC Free Download is an all-in-one plugin for mixing individual tracks and groups, integrating the three most essential mixing tools into one package. These include a saturator, compressor, and EQ, each typically applied directly to a track to enhance sound quality. There’s also a built-in clipper capable of harmonic distortion. With reverb and delay set up on aux tracks, bx_enhancer provides all the features necessary to mix a song from start to finish while infusing it with analog vibes.


  • Tuner display
  • Sculpt (Saturator & Clipper) section
  • Compressor section
  • Colour (EQ) section
  • Mono Maker, Stereo Width, Pan, and Mix knobs
  • Input and output gain controls
  • Input and output peak/RMS meters
  • Left-right balance meter
  • Phase correlation meter
  • Auto Level switch

Plugin Alliance Bx_enhancer MAC Free Download


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