PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download

PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download represents the apex of PreSonus® craftsmanship, from State-Space Modeled drive stages with inspiring sonic textures to classic, vintage-inspired user interfaces.

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PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download
PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download


Each Analog Effect includes several professionally-crafted presets, dramatically simplifying your mix decisions. These are true workhorse plug-ins you’ll use on countless productions—in fact, once you try PreSonus’ Analog Effects, you’ll wonder how you got by without them!

Formerly only available in Studio One® Professional and Artist, we’ve made them available in VST3, AU, and AAX format via PreSonus Hub by popular request.

Analog Chorus, Analog Delay, Red Light Distortion, Rotor, and Tricomp® are available for purchase individually or in a cost-saving, five plug-in collection bundle.

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PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download Contains

Analog Chorus is a 1- to 3-voice chorus/doubler processor with optional LFO delay time modulation and stereo width control. It offers a wide range of effects, from subtle to extreme, with its roots in ‘70s-era analog guitar pedals and studio effects processors.

Whether you want a subtly modulated spring in your sound or a detuned warble, Analog Chorus will soon become your go-to plug-in.

Create deteriorating echoes with changing delay time and pitch with this classic emulation of an analog BBD delay.

Bucket brigade delays have been a favorite among guitarists and electronic producers alike for their ability to create a warm delay sound that can range from subtle modulation to spirals down a psychedelic rabbit hole. Analog Delay also features State Space Modeled Drive control to add real analog grit to your sound for even more tonal sculpting.

Turn on the red light and get as dirty as you like with Red Light Distortion, an analog-distortion emulator with six selectable distortion models: Soft Tube, Hard Tube, Bad Tube, Transistor, Fuzz, and OpAmp. Whether you just need a little grit and warmth, or enough distortion to bring Atari Teenage Riot to their knees, Red Light Distortion delivers.

Rotor is a rotary speaker emulation plug-in that simulates the sound of a tube-powered amplifier with independently rotating high-mid horns and a bass woofer, magically re-creating a sound synonymous with gospel and ’70s-era rock. PreSonus®’ Rotor plug-in excels at adding a sense of motion and unique tonal character to organ sounds, guitars, or anything you want to try. (Try it on vocals!) Each speaker’s rotation can be set to a range of speeds, with realistic braking and acceleration effects when changing speeds. State Space Modeling technology provides authentic tube emulation for extra warmth and character.


PreSonus Analog Effects Collection Free Download

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