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ProdLLB – Zenith Multi Kit

ProdLLB – Zenith Multi Kit contains 8 Brand New Kits: Drums, Guitars, MIDI’s, Portal Presets, Mixing Presets & Loops.

Over 700 hard drum sounds, phrases, presets, MIDI’s & more.

An Unheard of Multi-Kit: The Zenith Bundle was created to give up-and-coming producers an unfair advantage.

ProdLLB - Zenith Multi Kit
ProdLLB – Zenith Multi Kit

Drum Kit

Here’s what you’ll get inside the ProdLLB – Zenith Multi Kit

  • Trap Drum Samples: Over 300 hard hitting & versatile drums, 808’s, basses & percussion loops, perfect for trap, hip hop & rap beats.
  • Bonus FX, Percussion Loops & Textures: add atmosphere and uniqueness to your beats with these free bonuses.
  • No Need To Mix: All sounds are pre-mixed for you to start cooking up with no extra hassle.


Real guitars to create an instant vibe.

  • Beautiful Real Guitars: 100 real guitar starter samples for you to flip any way you like.
  • Key, BPM & Stems: no more time wasting! Start cooking up straight away with all the details provided.
  • All different vibes: Electric, acoustic & Spanish vibes, all recorded with real guitars to give you that authentic feel.


Add that authentic realism to your beats.

  • 40 Beautiful Flute Phrases: Recorded live by a professional flautists.
  • The Human Touch: Get flute phrases that are impossible to replicate with VST’s.
  • Key, BPM, Wet/Dry: Waste no time cooking up, and get full flexibility to add your own effects with wet & dry flute phrases.


Add trippy textures to your melodies.

  • 50 Hand-Crafted Presets: Level up your melodies with granular synthesis.
  • Quick & Easy Inspiration: Each preset adds new character and harmonics to any melody.


Get quick inspiration.

  • 30 Beautiful Melodic Loops: Composed by yours truly.
  • Never Get Beat Block Again: Just drag and drop a vibe you like, add drums you’ve got a banger!
  • Key, BPM & Stems: Waste no time cooking up, and isolate any given sound in each loop with the stems provided.


sauce up your melodies.

  • 64 Unique Presets for Vital VST: Hand-crafted by myself and professional sound designers.
  • No Expensive VST Needed: Vital is a free synth VST, so you don’t need any budget to use these presets.
  • Every Sound You Can Think Of: get everything from basses, keys, synths, pads, FX, leads and more!


Cheat codes for melodies.

  • 110+ Customizable MIDI Files: Composed beautiful sounding melodies with ease.
  • Chords, Basses & Top Melodies: All MIDI files are arranged into subfolders, and contain every element that you need for a placement-ready melody.


give your beats more bounce

  • 100+ bouncy placement ready hi hat MIDI files: Spend less time saucing up your drum bounce.
  • Endless rhythm: Never run short of inspiration for, and save time in sessions!

ProdLLB – Zenith Multi Kit

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