PSPaudioware FX Bundle Free Download

PSPaudioware FX Bundle Free Download contains ground-breaking plugins designed for music production and audio engineering. Spanning everything from stereo processing plugins to filters and even a rotary speaker emulator. This all-in-one bundle gives you expansive processing tools that allow you to shape and style your sound and further your mixing and mastering skills.

PSPaudioware FX Bundle Free Download
PSPaudioware FX Bundle Free Download

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Choose your character with nine plugins to choose from including: N2O, HertzRider2, B-Scanner, L’otary2, stompFilter and StereoPack (a collection of four stereo plugins). Each plugin features its own unique characteristics with cutting-edge tools, presets and parameters that will inspire you to create and experiment with sound.PSP are revered in the digital audio world for their years of expertise producing industry-grade plugins for digital musicians. Whether you’re a sound designer or an audio professional, PSP Audioware’s FX bundle is a must-have for your personal library.

Key features :
  • Bundle saving of 37 percent off RRP
  • All-in-one FX bundle for sound design and audio engineers
  • 9 groundbreaking plugins including ifilters, stereo processing and more
  • Multi-effect plugins including N2O and stompFilter
  • StereoPack provides four stereo processing plugins


  • Lexicon PSP42x v2.0.2
  • PSP 2445 EMT v1.3.12
  • PSP 285 v1.0.1
  • PSP BinAmp v1.1.1
  • PSP ConsoleQ v2.0.3
  • PSP E27 v1.7.4
  • PSP Echo v1.5.3
  • PSP HertzRider2 v2.0.4
  • PSP Impressor v1.0.3
  • PSP InfiniStrip v1.3.0
  • PSP NobleQ v1.8.4
  • PSP Saturator v1.1.3
  • PSP SpringBox v1.1.3


PSPaudioware FX Bundle Free Download


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