Pulsar Audio Plugins Bundle Free Download

Pulsar Audio Plugins Bundle Free Download contains 2 high-end secret weapons used by top studio engineers, combining to form the ultimate musical mastering chain. 

Free Download VST Plugin Below.

Pulsar Audio Plugins Bundle Free Download
Pulsar Audio Plugins Bundle Free Download



Our passive EQ Pulsar Massive and variable-bias compressor plugin Pulsar Mu are designed to complement each other. This powerful combo constitutes a complete mastering chain that gives you a very musical and colorful control of the frequency spectrum and dynamics of your sound.

Building on the legacy of the original models, this bundle provides the warm sound of tube-powered hardware, with some extra features added that will fit seamlessly into your workflow. Once you have tried them, these two plugins will stay in your master chain for all your projects!

Pulsar Massive is an emulation of the Manley Massive Passive EQ that is trusted by the best mixing and mastering engineers in the world. This Pultec-style passive EQ embeds a parallel topology with no cumulative tonal correction, resulting in a more intuitive and fluid way of shaping the frequency spectrum. When you want to add a bit more snap, color, and excitement, Pulsar Massive delivers every time thanks to its tube-powered passive circuit and two transformer models with adjustable drive.
With Pulsar Mu, you get the most faithful emulation on the market, of a mythical all-tube compressor that remains THE reference in a vast majority of mastering studios around the world. You can use it to manage transients in a soft and musical way, even with extreme settings, and get full control of your dynamic range with the plugin’s Sidechain and look-ahead/look-behind option, M/S mode, and modern graphics.

Pulsar Audio Plugins Bundle Free Download

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