Purity MAC Free Download

Purity MAC Free Download is a powerful application used for improving the sounds generated with digital instruments. It allows the users to break the limitations that come with using normally connected MIDI instruments.

Direct Download VST for MAC.

Purity MAC Free Download

Purity MAC Free Download is designed to realize and surpass the hardware musical instrument workstation perfectly on computer-based music production environments offering higher sound quality and more usability.

It provides rich sound sources to create professional music of any kind and any purpose.

PURITY is based on well-sampled PCM wave data including a lot of sound of hardware workstations, sound modules, drum machines, vintage analog synths and even modern digital synths.

Moreover, it comes with over 1,300 ready-to-use sound presets that are most popular in each era of the electronic music. The integrated sequencer and the sequenced patches inspire your musical potential.


Features of Purity MAC

  • Fast patch change on-the-fly during live performance
  • About 1,500 factory sound presets
  • Over 200 phrases and loops included
  • 9-color patch recognition
  • Computer keyboard full support
  • Innovative structure for melody and drum
  • Up to 64 steps with 5 lanes
  • Rate time option with triplet
  • Swing option to vary time rate
  • Latch function for background pattern


Purity MAC Free Download

download 1 2
download 1 2
Purity v1.2.5


VST Plugins For Windows HERE.
VST Plugins For MAC HERE.

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