Pyrex Whippa Drum Kit Free Download

Free Download Pyrex Whippa Drum Kit 



Pyrex Whippa Drum Kit Free Download 2022

All The Sounds That You Need In 2022.

  • 25 808s
  • 21 Claps
  • 17 Hi-Hats
  • 7 kicks
  • 20 Open Hats
  • 9 Percs
  • 16 Mixing And Pattern Presets
  • 27 Rims
  • 30 Snares


Daily Production Tip

How to mix beats like Pyrex and Southside??


There are many ways to go about getting a loud, punching quality sound like the pros. I also am in no way to be able to tell you what’s the “proper” way to do it. I can tell you what’s worked excellent for me though. START WITH GOOD QUALITY DRUM SAMPLES!! I can’t stress this enough. you could do all the mixing and mastering in the world and in the end, you’ll just be making your beats sounds worse imo.


1.) good quality drum samples and

2.) good leveling.

Now, this just comes with time and training your ears, and how you picture all the components in your beat relative to space. I used to just put a soft clipper on my master and called it good.. but for the past 6 months, I’ve just been getting the levels right and making sure my whole beat doesn’t go over 0 dB on the master. YES, using a soft clipper can make them punch, but out of my experience just not letting the master clip, and then slapping on a limiter at the end and turning up the gain until it doesn’t sound too distorted has given me the most crispy, cohesive sound.

And Honestly, I would YouTube search for Mr. Bills 808 tutorial. You’ll get a whole different grasp on creating a full 808 sound.


Download Pyrex Whippa Drum Kit Free  [All Sounds That You Need In 2022.] 

Size – 38MB

Google Drive
Google Drive


Alternate Link

Size – 28MB

Google Drive
Google Drive


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