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SAM AETHER – Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2

SAM AETHER – Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2 Free Download is another essential addition to your drum folder, showcasing the perfect blend of limitation fostering innovation.

SAM AETHER - Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2

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Dusty, crunchy, and warm, Cassette Tape Breaks makes a triumphant return with Volume 2, surpassing its predecessor.

Included in this volume are 35 Drumbreaks, 15 Fills/Perc Loops, and 25 Assorted One Shots, all meticulously recorded through a 6-track cassette portastudio.

Every drum element has been Recorded, Designed, and Mixed by the skilled hands of Sam Aether.

Formatted as 24bit WAV files, these sounds are compatible with every DAW, allowing for seamless integration. Simply drag, drop, and chop away.

Furthermore, all one-shots, fills, and percussion loops are completely Royalty-Free, providing you with the freedom to use them in your projects without any worries.

The loops within the “DRUMBREAKS” folder are covered by our Master Clearance Agreement, essentially offering royalty-free usage unless incorporated into a major label equivalent record. Even then, we pride ourselves on being fair and hassle-free.


SAM AETHER – Cassette Tape Breaks Volume 2 Free Download

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