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Skillshare Audio Compression The Complete Course

Download Skillshare Audio Compression The Complete Course.

Skillshare Audio Compression The Complete Course
Skillshare Audio Compression The Complete Course


About This Class

Compressors are the most misunderstood and mysterious audio mixing tools. But, without them, none of your favourite songs would sound like they sound.

For production, recording, mixing or mastering, it’s essentiel, even mandatory to understand and know how to use compression to reach professional and high quality results.

We’ll see together everything we need to know about compressors :

  • We start from the basics with the fundamental concept of dynamic range around which compression is based,
  • We’ll see then how to set up compressors with a focus on the different controls to see how they work and how to set them properly,
  • The third part will make us dive into the different types of compressors and the advanced controls and concepts,
  • And finally we’ll end with a series of popular techniques used by the greatest mixing engineers.

The goal of this course is to make you perfectly comfortable with the universe of compression.

So you’ll be able to :

  • Navigate comfortably in any compressor, modern or vintage,
  • Choose the right type of compressor for your need,
  • Choose the right settings to get the result you’re looking for,
  • Know when and why use compression

Compression is an art that takes time to be fully mastered. So take your time on each lesson, practice a lot and you’ll be able to use compression like a pro.

Learn More –

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Skillshare Audio Compression The Complete Course

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