Soothe 2 Free Download 2023 WIN

Soothe 2 Free Download 2023 is a dynamic resonance suppressor. It identifies problematic resonances on the fly and applies matching reduction automatically.

Soothe 2 Free Download WIN
Soothe 2 Free Download WIN 2023


Soothe 2 Free Download is the first audio processor of the next generation. Originally designed as a speech processor, the plugin delivers the world’s latest and greatest sound with unparalleled ease.

However, the reduction begins with the need for when and where, without affecting the nearest frequency range.

Also, it is difficult to achieve results in this way with high accuracy, high efficiency, and presence.

It also perceives a signal in the frequency spectrum and can automatically catch and suppress unwanted midrange or high-frequency resonances.

 Features of Soothe 2 VST

  • Designed to suppress unwanted resonant frequencies in a professional manner.
  • Combines heuristic search algorithms with filtering methods and does not degrade the final sound.
  • Used to work with synthesizers, guitars, voice and many other instruments.
  • Allows you to listen to the frequencies that will be removed from the track.
  • Has a number of settings to select the desired range and level of impact on the sound.
  • Perceive a signal in the frequency spectrum and can automatically catch and suppress unwanted midrange or high-frequency resonances.
  • A flexible setting, as it provides controls for changing the processing speed.
  • Quantitative mixing of the clean and processed signal, side/chain, mid / side section, as well as hard and soft modes.


Soothe 2 Vst Review 

The following Soothe 2 review is taken from an online producer community discussion about the product.

There are times where I have a synth patch or a guitar I’ve recorded, or even a sample, and as I go to EQ out problem frequencies, I just continue noticing more.

So in an effort to not completely mutilate the sound and EQ out basically all of it,I’ll use Soothe. Which as far as I can tell, takes out resonant frequencies dynamically as they occur. I find it basically does what it says, smooths out pokey frequencies.

It’s been on every mix I’ve done since I picked it up. It’s magic.

Perfect for the drum bus for taming harsh cymbals, and the guitar bus too for overdriven guitars. Can be nice on vocals if there are nasty resonances or harsh sibilance.
It has saved me so much time over manually notching whistle frequencies and resonances on cymbals and guitars.

You have to use it with intent – for instance, taming harsh cymbals, deessing, removing excessive pick scrapes/string noise.

Where it shines is what can’t be tamed using dynamic EQ easily.

The best way I’ve found to use it is to find the EQ range the offending frequency is in, dial in the settings and switch to delta mode to maximize the undesirable frequencies you’re removing and minimizing the desirable frequencies.

Absolutely a lifesaver, especially w/ so many artists recording/producing at least partially from home.

Has a sound, for sure. And once in a great while the cure is worse than the disease.

But it does exactly what it purports to, and it’s excellent. Mostly using on vocals here, sometimes synths, cymbals, guitars.

Soothe 2 Free Download 2023 WIN

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