Soundev – Timeless Drum Machines

Soundev – Timeless Drum Machines is a complete collection of iconic drum machine sounds, each with its unique sonic character to make a big impact.

 Soundev - Timeless Drum Machines

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These drum sounds were captured directly from real instruments using top-notch converters and studio gear, giving you access to the world’s most renowned drum sounds.

These are the snappy snares, resonant toms, crisp hi-hats and punchy kicks instantly recognizable and essential for crafting enduring music.

Timeless Drum Machines offers all the tools necessary to customize these timeless sounds and make them uniquely yours

  • Instantly Level Up your drums using proven drum sounds
  • Unlock 100’s of Vintage Drum Samples without spending 100’s of dollars on hardware
  • Create high-quality beats without being limited to a single genre 


  • Kicks 100
  • HiHats 50
  • Open-Hat 50
  • Ride 25
  • Rims 25
  • Snares 100
  • Claps 9
  • Crashes  2
  • 808 and Basses 35

Soundev – Timeless Drum Machines Free Download

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