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Splice: Moment – Splinter Fragments, a Yung Skrrt Moment

Scavenged deep from the mirror dimensions of the Skrrtiverse, a prismic array of sonics is uncloaked. Electrifying synth structures, live-recorded percussion pockets, strings plucked from the high heavens, bass from the cavernous gallows, and stupid goofy vocals from the mouth of Skrrt himself. ‘Splinter Fragments’ highlights the strengths of the entirety of Yung Skrrt’s prolific creativity, vacuum sealed in a convenient package to be renewed for years to come.


Yung Skrrt can do everything, alone. Just this year, Skrrt has distributed more music than most artists create in five—’Dumbass Genius 2’, a self-prod 19-track album, ‘I Swe*r 2 G*d I’m Just F**king Goofin Y’all’, which collects his past 2 years of quasi-viral comedic songs, an EP, an official Volcom collab, and a handful of singles and remixes. And the year’s only half over—the only way to keep up with this madman is to tune in and watch him make it all live, every night on Twitch at 8pm Pacific.

When asked about his pack, Skrrt tells us: “it’s a lot of really good sh*t” and we tend to agree.

Splice: Moment – Splinter Fragments, a Yung Skrrt Moment

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