Splice: Origin Sound – DRILLER

Hit the roads with ‘Driller’. Bringing you murky beats and eerie melodics.

Keys, bells, strings, and vocals put you on street level. Whirring bass lines and intricate drum grooves will carve a home in your sample library with ease. Driller harnesses that new wave sound, get involved and have a flick through these heroic samples.

sb 2


186 Samples (50 Loops, 136 One-Shots)
• 10 Astra Presets

• Drum Loops x10
• Music Loops x29 (11 Intros)
• 808s x24
• Cymbals x28
• Kicks x30
• Percs x27
• Snares x27

Splice: Origin Sound – DRILLER

88989 2

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