Splice : Trips & Tricks, an Andrew Goes to Hell moment

Chicago-based producer, artist, and “World’s Smartest Dumbass” (2021) Andrew Goes to Hell draws inspiration from video game soundtracks and bootleg DJ mixtapes to create his signature sonic palette—known for everything from emo songwriting to hardstyle drops and as the voice of the scene’s hottest DJ tags.

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A long-time member of 909 Worldwide, Andrew has collaborated with the collective’s greats Laura Les and Alice Gas, as well as artists such as Caspr and LAN Party.

Hell’s deepest musical goal is to create imaginary worlds that feel lived, but evoke a sense of nostalgia for something otherwise never-before experienced. “I think there is a word for that lol,” he tells us from a truck stop somewhere between Twin Cities and Zagreb.

“I’ve always wanted to make sounds that I imagine my child self really enjoying but if they were to hear it for the first time. For this pack I created an array of sounds that were inspired from old cellphone ringtones to video game console startup music…these feel so deeply ingrained in my brain and I think a lot of people would feel the same.”

Trips & Tricks, an Andrew Goes to Hell moment is chock full of low-fidelity yet high-impact drums, playful synth melodies, heart-wrenching guitars, and a comprehensive vocal shoutout folder for most Major and Minor cities.


Splice : Trips & Tricks, an Andrew Goes to Hell moment Free Download

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