Sublab VST Free Download MAC

Sublab VST Free Download MAC is a new class of synthesizer designed for hip-hop, future bass and trap genres. Create powerful 808 style sub-bass that sounds punchy on every speaker, every time.

Direct Download For MAC.

Sublab VST Free Download MAC
Sublab VST Free Download MAC

Sublab VST Free Download has everything you need to create a powerful and powerful sub-bass in minutes
Sample, layer, expand and distort any beat into impressive subwoofers.

SubLab comes with hundreds of exclusive samples, 6 signature Bass Packs and much more. Expand the lists below for a full breakdown.


The 808s-

Sublab contains Compressed, maximised, track ready 808s. Ready to use in your music today.

Richie Souf Signature – 808 sounds produced by Atlanta’s Richie Souf. He works with Future, Young Thug, Gunna and more.

Hits DNA Vol.1 – the top 808 sounds of the moment, rebuilt from scratch in SubLab. Includes 808s from ScHoolboy Q, 21 Savage, Post Malone and more.

Divine Bass – smooth 808s and deep, dark subs made by YouTube trap production educator, Sean Divine.
Crushed – the heaviest distorted 808 basses.

Analog Machines – warm analog sounds recreated in SubLab, just like they came straight out of the classic analog machines.

Pure Subs – the purest of subs to layer in when your track already has a kick drum.

FAW SubLab Review

The following SubLab review is taken from an online producer community discussion among producers who used the plugin in their music productions.

It’s pretty dope. Of course you can always just make 808s in a synth like serum, but sublab is convenient. No processing needed really.

I think its cool from the little I’ve used it so far. It makes some bass processing more convenient, like automatically keeping the sub fundamental in the sub freq range no matter how you arrange your bass midi notes, providing a widener for just higher freqs, providing several different saturation/distortion options built in, etc.

It is super new and has some areas where it could improve, like sometimes midi notes get stuck on in ProTools if I stop playback in the middle of a note, and the glide timing options really need a free running option that can be adjusted and automated to any number of milliseconds within reason.

I use it and like it a lot! I don’t really use 808s in the genres I produce but I use it to make nice subs to layer under the existing bass/kick-in-house tracks. I could definitely get 90% of the same sound from Serum or another full-featured synth but SL makes it really easy.

not that great imo. comes with good presets though. i copped it because i really like the idea of having everything i’d need to make some nice sub basses and 808s in one place, but there’s no undo and it eats up a lot of cpu. maybe in a sound design workflow where you export say, single 808 hits, it might work for you, but personally i just went right back to using the 808s i already had, including some i made myself using serum, and asked FAW for a refund. just my 2¢

Size – 139 MB

SubLab VST Free Download MAC

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Direct Download


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