The Weeknd Dawn FM Drum Kit Free Download

Free Download The Weeknd Dawn FM Drum Kit 



Free Download The Weeknd Dawn FM Drum Kit features Used Sounds in the Weeknd music.

  • Bass
  • Kicks
  • Claps
  • Hats
  • Loops
  • Percs and
  • Snares


Daily Producer Tip

How To Make Music Like The Weeknd

80s synths are the solution! Arturia has a great selection and their V Collection is one of their popular products, there are also preset packs and I think there was even one tailored to the after-hours sound. Also, check out the 80s drum kit by Dom Sigilas, this will provide you the perfect rhythmic base! (the kit runs one Steinberg’s groove agent). I know these options all are not cheap so depending on how much money you can/ want to spend there are also other options.

And it uses almost everything as a trap song, maybe soft or acoustic drums, the arrangement is the same, you can use a lot of pad and textures to make it wide and dark and all that, use drone too if you like. also here’s an extra sauce if you can get it, there’s a Kontakt library called Olafur Arnold’s producer toolkit or something, it has amazing musical textures and amazing piano too, maybe you can check that out, People use it a lot to make Weeknd type beats nowadays.

Download The Weeknd Dawn FM Drum Kit 

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