Timbaland Producer Pack Free Download

Free Download Timbaland Producer Pack

This Timbaland Sound Kit was modeled after his music style. Included are over 300 high-quality hip-hop drums like slick snares and bangin’ bass kicks. If you’re a hip-hop producer looking to download FL Studio sounds, then we suggest you grab these.

Pack Contains –

  • Timbaland Drums
  • Timbaland Instruments and
  • Timbaland Samples and FLPs.
Timbaland Producer Pack Free Download
Timbaland Producer Pack

Timbaland Production

Timbaland is definitely top ten, maybe top five producers in my book. I think the only person who could really do percussion as well as he does is the Neptunes and they’ve worked so closely together, I can see why they might be able to get in the pocket with rhythm.

I also find his beats insanely interesting because the majority of the time, they’re two-bar loops, meaning that he has managed to succinctly synthesize his beats and still make them interesting.

As for his beats, he typically delays his sounds so that there’s more of a groove. His stuff is heavily percussive and some of the percussion can be in a call and response or simply to provide a consistent rhythm. I’d recommend checking out the breakdown of Big Pimpin by Sandurz and this video by MG the Future to get a grasp of Timbaland’s style. I’ve tried emulating him in a beat or two of mine, this one being the most notable example.

Timbo’s got bounce, which being from the South, I recognize has a little knock in the backbeat, like you’d hear a marching line and the live banging reverb from the bass drum. I like to think of Dilla as neck-snapping beats and Timbo as hip-ass bouncing beats, as they affect those parts of the body when I hear them, at least for me.


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