Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC

Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC Combines flexible dual-stage saturation with powerful push/pull equalization in an inspiring new way to shape sounds.

Free Download VST Plugin below.

Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC
Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC

Deceptively simple to use, Kelvin offers detailed saturation models, mastering-grade performance, and vast sonic possibilities with just a few parameters.

Pick your favourite combination from several transformer, tube, and diode circuits to bring tracks to life with rich harmonic coloration and warm saturation, or get creative with frequency specific distortion and beautiful analog-style tone sculpting.

Kelvin is built around two flexible saturation stages which can be arranged in series, parallel, or in mid/side for unique and complex sonic interactions. You get a deep lively sound, and a huge palette of tones available just by exploring combinations of models, order, and gain staging.

Specification Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC

  • Dual-stage saturation with separate control of gain and model for each stage
  • Freely combine 10 highly detailed models of transformer, tube, and diode saturation circuits
  • Arrange saturation stages in Series, Parallel, or Mid/Side mode
  • Flexible tone shaping filters to adjust saturation per frequency and overall tonal balance
  • Beautiful sounding analog style filters, including passive Pultec style low and high bands
  • Unique harmonic “Spread” feature to create width by introducing subtle harmonic variances
  • “De-Fuzz” feature to reduce mid-high frequency saturation and clean up artifacts
  • Optional soft clipper on output to discreetly shave off peaks or add a 3rd stage of crush
  • Auto-gain on output tuned to keep loudness balanced while still allowing musical crescendos
  • Smooth audio rate modulation of main parameters
  • Dry/Wet control for easy parallel processing
  • 4 quality modes, ranging from Low Latency to Pristine using high fidelity linear phase oversampling
  • Option to always use highest quality for offline rendering
  • A/B preset switching
  • Integrated reference level system to automatically adjust input level to match loaded presets
  • Presets by experienced artists and engineers
  • Native support for both Intel and Apple Silicon processors

Tone Projects Kelvin Tone Shaper MAC Free Download

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