Toneworks Catalyst Free Download

Toneworks Catalyst Free Download is a sequencing powerhouse — designed for those times when you are stuck in a rut and need to kickstart your creative flow.

Free Download VST Plugin below.

Toneworks Catalyst Free Download
Toneworks Catalyst Free Download

Catalyst will only ever play notes and chords in the key you choose. Experiment freely and use the built in randomization functions knowing that what you create will never sound out of place.

You set the key in Catalyst by choosing a root note and a scale. Changing the root note will transpose your pattern up or down and changing the scale will alter the intervals between notes in the pattern.

There is no need to know music theory when you use Catalyst. No matter what you do, the results are guaranteed to be musical.

Catalyst features a monophonic step sequencer that allows you to create patterns with up to 32 steps. Each step has individual pitch, velocity and gate time controls.

The pitch slider only allows you to choose notes in the selected key. If you change the key at a later point, the notes in your sequencer pattern will automatically match the new root note and/or scale.

Individual steps can be tied together to make longer notes – or to create glides when the soft synth you use with Catalyst is set to legato mode.

The five pattern slots that can be used to store different ideas and variations. You can transpose patterns or switch between them by sending MIDI to Catalyst from your DAW. Black notes select pattern 1-5 and white keys transpose the active pattern up or down.

  • Create classical and modern synth patterns that always fit the key of your song.
  • Host synth plugins within Catalyst and automate parameters with dedicated step sequencers.
  • Discover a wealth of musical ideas that never would have surfaced in the piano roll of your DAW.

Toneworks Catalyst Free Download

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