Tonsturm FRQ Shift Free Download

 Free Download Tonsturm FRQ Shift

Tonsturm FRQ Shift Free Download

Tonsturm FRQ Shift Free Download is an ultra-clean sounding, artifact-free, dual-frequency shifter engine that lets you shift all component frequencies in a sound by an equal amount. The process won’t adversely affect transients and your sounds stay punchy and present.

Size – 7.7 MB

Link – Google Drive

For Windows.

Download Link Below.

Tonsturm FRQ Shift Features

  • Dual Frequency Shifter & Crossfade
  • Feedback Matrix Effects
  • Boundless Modulation Capabilities
  • Outstanding Presets

The plugin will allow you to shift the frequency components of the sound equally. The process will not negatively affect the transients, and your sounds will remain punchy and true.

To get even more intense sound effects, there are four feedback effects that can be inserted into the frequency shift feedback path. In addition to top-notch DSP, this is the first plug-in to feature our powerful and easy-to-use TONSTURM modulation system. Modulating the parameters is simple and allows you to create tense and lively sounding patches.

FRQ Shift will change your audio source in incredible ways. From spectrally rich textures to very deep, growing and trippy feedback effects.

What Others Think Of FRQ Shift From Tonsturm:

Tim Farrell – Sound Designer – Star Trek: Discovery / Star Trek: Picard / The Walking Dead:
“FRQ Shift is a great way to get new and unexpected results quickly. It has been an essential part of my tool belt on Star Trek Picard for creating much of the futuristic technology sounds in the show from scanning devices to creative science fiction atmospheres and textures. And it’s so much fun to play around with!”

Robert Babicz – Music Producer, Mastering Engineer, Live Performer:
“As a big Fan of creative effects, this plugin is really powerful. It’s amazing on creating liquid percussion in a track.”

About –

Version: 1.0.1
Developer: Tonsturm
Developer site: tonsturm
Format: VST, VST3, AAX * (* MODiFiED)
Bit depth: 64bit

System requirements:

Windows 10 and above (64-bit), 4 GB Ram, Intel® CoreTM i5

Download FRQ Shift Free

Google Drive
Google Drive


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