Trap Soul Drum Kit Free Download

Free Download Trap Soul Drum Kit

Trap Soul
Trap Soul

A drum kit for producing trap soul and RnB music. Inspired by Bryson Tiller, Drake, Summer Walker, The Weeknd,

and more.

Pack – “Soul Trappin”


  • 10 Bass
  • 10 Snares & Claps
  • 10 Hi-Hats
  • 13 Chopped Samples

Today’s Production Tips :

How to make trap soul type of sounds

  • Hard pitch up or down an RnB sample to the point that it’s unrecognizable
  • Low pass it so it’s muffled yet still audible.
  • Add Flangers, chorus, phasers whatever you think sounds good to the sample.
  • Add a supersaw type bass, again low pass it to muffle it
  • Find some trap drums (should be easy to find) make sure the hi-hats are pitched down.
  • Add whatever you want to it, but this is essentially the tiller and starter kit…
  • Study r&b, that’s all it is with trap drums. If you’re talking about how to achieve those types of sounds, it’s mostly just lush pads as well as a good amount of pitched-down vocals. If you’re talking about how to play it though, that’s a bit more complicated. A good go-to though is what’s known as the 2-5-1 chord progression. Just YouTube a couple of videos on that and you’ll be at least in the right direction. A good vst for this style is trophies by Bryan Michael Cox and studio linked. Not too pricy and gives you some very unique sounds.
  • Also, a little tip if you’re going for that Bryson tiller sound, reversed organs mixed in with your pads. You’re welcome.
  • Get a Rhodes VST and put a LP filter on it or you can resample it so it has that OVO underwater sound.

Download Trap Soul Drum Kit Free

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Kit 2  –

Trap Soul Drum Kit 2 – Calypso By Mapuskana 

download 1 1


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  1. How can I extract file only drum samples are there or some vocals , No melody sample rnb or other other samples were there kindly help bro 💙❤️


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