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Astroworld Kits
Travis Scott – Astroworld Drum Kit


Free Download Travis Scott – Astroworld Drum Kit.

Travis Scott – Astroworld Drum Kit from the album deconstructed.

Includes sounds and drumkits from Antisocial, Goosebumps, Carousel, Can’t Say,  CoffeeBean, Nobystanders, and more.


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About AstroWorld Sound Design

The sound design on this album is absolutely incredible. The lead sound for tracks such as Stargazing (first part) and Houstonfornication, that plucky bass in R.I.P SCREW, and the others are crafted with amazing sound design and effects.

As far as Stargazing goes, that’s 100% a guitar in the main bit, no doubt played by Mike Dean. They maybe did something with Gross Beat to make it sound more unique than a regular guitar does, plus tons of reverb and delay.

Houstonfornication is for sure a piano probably done up the same way, Valhalla Shimmer reverb would get you some very similar sounds off the bat, especially when you use the knob that pitches the early reflections up an octave.

Plugins like Omnisphere Kontakt and creative use of reverb and Layering also play a huge part. Massive and serum are really nice for that more modern style of synths we are used to hearing nowadays. Try running sounds through effects and see if that sounds good too. Effects are great for sound design since you can always change the sound of a different effect. You can get the plugins here.

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