TRIPLE B3AM Bird Call Presets


TRIPLE B3AM Bird Call Presets

Designed by Deedotwill, Brandyn Knight, and Rott.

This will only work on FL Studio 10.0.9 and UP

You will need the TBDK HAT 3 [TRIPLE B3AM Drum Kit] or the Almond Hihat [Deedotwill & Rott Speed Trap Kit or Deedotwill RED DOT 6 Drum Kit] Note: You can use any hihat if you want it to sound different.

You will need Third Party Plugins as:

  • [Shaperbox 3.0 VST]
  • [Camel Space VST]
  • [Halftime VST]
  • [Gross Beat]

Load the presets on any available mixer!

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TRIPLE B3AM Bird Call Presets

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