Unison MIDI Chord Pack Free Download

Unison MIDI Chord Pack Free Download is the easiest and most effective way for you to create epic, genre-specific chord progressions and get your music noticed in the scene.

Direct Download from Media Fire.

Unison MIDI Chord Pack Free Download
Unison MIDI Chord Pack Free Download


You’ll quickly select from over 18,500 MIDI files available at your fingertips…

Drag & drop them into your projects to create radio-worthy, genre-specific chords & progressions instantly.

100% Royalty-Free (all money you earn from the music you make with the pack is yours to keep)

Usable With Any Sound (you can play all the chords & progressions with your favorite instruments & synths)
Compatible With All DAWs (plus both Mac & PC)

Unison MIDI Chord Pack Contains 

1,800+ Cinematic & Orchestral MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Dancehall & Afrobeats MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Country MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Dubstep & DnB MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Ethnic MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Hardstyle & Hardcore MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Lo-fi MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Synthwave & Synth Pop MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ Trap MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)
1,800+ UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI chords & progressions ($37 value)

Unison midi chord pack review

Is Unison midi Chord Pack Worth it ?

These are reviews taken from Reddit.

The majority of drum kits/sound packs are recycled sounds from free or paid packs. The ones I got in this were well organized and clean.

Would I have purchased them again, maybe not? I’ve used like two of the chord progressions, only as inspiration and ended up completely flipping them. Same thing with some of the loops. They’ll be something I turn back to randomly when I don’t have a project in mind.

It all depends on what the person needs and what level they’re at. This would have been much more helpful for someone who was just starting out.

 I’ve used their other pack and it’s useful when you’re stuck in a rut and need some inspiration. You end up experimenting with new chords and progressions. It’s really nice if you have a particular mood you want to evoke and are not quite sure how. I also like feeding the chords to arpeggiators and making cool melodies.

I don’t know much about theory but I’m trying to learn, and stuff like this is helpful. That being said this new pack is ridiculously overpriced, and that “limited” marketing gimmick.. lol give me a break.

This concept of midi chord packs is not that different from sample packs, It’s all about how you use it.

The biggest problem with the unison chord pack is not being able to preview the chords without adding them to the step sequencer. Then when you do find a chord you like there’s no simple way to preview your second chord with your first chord without extra work. Real workflow killer in my opinion. Scaler 2 however has all the same chords as unison but is way easier and quicker to build chord progressions.

I bought the unison chord pack thinking it’d make things way easier and I make beats quicker but honestly it only made them more frustrating.

Didn’t really touch on the 1 reason why anyone would want the Unison MIDI Chord pack. It’s not for the individual premade chords. It’s for the ready-to-use basic progression already made for you in all keys. Just drag and drop and shift thru them quickly until u get the right progression for ur songs. I don’t think ur supposed to build ur own progression dragging chords 1 by 1, the real value is having that part already made for u.


Unison MIDI Chord Pack Free Download

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