Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection

Instantly Create Hit-Worthy UK Drill & UK Grime Melodies And Get Instant Inspiration With 120 Drag & Drop MIDI Files with Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection.

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Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection
Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection

The melodies inside this genre will help you get that fresh, urban, underground sound that just captivates anyone’s ears instantly.

You’ll be able to infuse the best elements of the underground city sounds with a tiny dark twist to make your listeners groove to the beat.

This genre is a must if you want to introduce the essence of the “street sounds” and inject raw emotion into your tracks.

To create this pack for you, we studied the top tracks on Billboard, Spotify and other platforms to find the common threads and pattern between the melodies.

And, using the knowledge we gathered, we wrote melody after melody until we narrowed it down to the very best 120 which you’ll find inside this pack.

Plus, because these melodies are in MIDI format rather than audio, you have the ability to use them straight out of the box or transpose/edit the notes to your exact taste.

You can use the Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection with…

  • Leads to create the driving force of your track and captivate your listeners.
  • Plucks to fill out the high-end of your mix.
  • Pads to add movement and complexity to the rest of your composition.
  • Keys to create the structure and foundation for your tracks.
  • Arpeggios to brighten up the song and add those extra finishing touches.

The Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection will help you…

  • Eliminate the need to spend years learning music theory by having all the melodies you need.
  • Have an instant, perfect-sounding foundation for your tracks to start & finish them quickly.
  • Get instant inspiration from all the new melodies available to you.
  • Learn exactly how captivating melodies are made by viewing the MIDI note patterns.
  • Skyrocket your progress as a producer by finishing more tracks than ever.

It’s the easiest and most effective way for you to create high-quality UK Drill & UK Grime melodies and boost your chances of making a hit song.

You’ll quickly select from 120 unique MIDI melodies available at your fingertips…

Drag & drop them into your projects and create professional-sounding melodies instantly.

Unison UK Drill & UK Grime MIDI Melody Collection Free Download

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