United Pop Smoke Drum kit Vol 2 Free Download FLPs + Acapella

United Pop Smoke Drum kit Vol2 Free Download contains kits for most drill songs by Pop Smoke.

Direct Download Drill Drum Kit.

United pop smoke


All sounds that we added is 100 Percent sonically accurate and matches with the waveforms from the songs.

Over 460mbs of content is in the kit and it also has every song from Meet the Woo 1 and 2 added, aswell as many songs from other releases.

The Premium version also includes FLP project files from two of my remakes: JACKBOYS – GATTI and Pop Smoke Creature. Both remakes are featured on my youtube channel.

It also contains Acapellas from 16 Pop Smoke songs. 5 of these are Studio Acapellas, meaning they are official and directly from Pop Smoke sessions.

Notable rare sounds that this drumkit has is the Christopher Walking Vox, Welcome To The Party 808 and grime, Foreigner Rim, Meet The Woo Snap, GATTI 808 and Open Hat, Make It Rain Voxes and many, many more.


United Pop Smoke Drum kit Vol 2 Free Download FLPs + Acapella

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